By Jake Heller and Melanie Bencosme

Why doesn’t Chris Christie support gay marriage? What are Hillary Clinton’s plans for trade with China? Would Jeb Bush have done something differently had he known his polls would be so low?

These are all typical kid questions — that is, if the kids asking them are Anabelle and Gregory Watson, a sister and brother team from Concord, New Hampshire, who have been systematically grilling presidential candidates who dare cross into their home state.

Anabelle is 12. Gregory is 10. They’ve asked a tough question to every presidential candidate except for Mike Huckabee. And they’re the subjects of this month’s Trail Tapes, a video and podcast series that brings you the stories of people with unorthodox relationships to the 2016 presidential campaign.

You can watch the video above or subscribe and listen on iTunes.

You can also check out our first episode, about a Donald Trump impersonator, here.

We’ll be back next month with another story from the trail.

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